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Modular Can Provide You With All Your Construction Needs For Your Renovation Project

Understanding the construction process of your home renovations is important. When you are committing towards any investment, it is best to have a strong grasp of where your money is going. Unfortunately, many contractors take advantage of the fact that their clients do not understand all the terms or the construction process and they often use this to charge more money for unnecessary services.
Modular believes in keeping their customers in the loop throughout the entire home renovation process. We do this by taking them through each step that will be done. We believe that nothing should be going on in your home that you don't know about. Modular has carefully outlined steps for all of our home renovation home renovation projects. Whether you want a second story attached to your bungalow, a new home addition or you want us to redesign the original layout of your home, we follow predetermined steps to ensure the project is completed in the most cost efficient and time-friendly manner.

Modular's second storey attachments are the perfect way to increase your living space while removing the hassle of moving. By turning your bungalow into a two-storey home, you can increase its overall value. Additional bedrooms and bathrooms increase your home's worth should you decide to sell it down the line. They also provide a wide array of home arrangement options, such as home offices or guest bedrooms. A second storey will greatly increase the amount of function you get out of your home.
By selecting to have your construction done by Modular, you can rest assured that you are getting the absolute best price available in Toronto and the GTA. We have a large variety of options and layouts available for our customers to choose from and we offer each design in 700, 800, 900 or 1000 square feet The majority of the construction process takes place in our factories. This enables us to provide year round service to our customers, and it keeps costs as low as possible. As up to sixty percent of construction is done offsite, stress levels, mess and chaos are also drastically reduced.

Our contractors take care of all aspects of building your second storey, including exterior walls, roofing and dormers right down to the final touches of paint, flooring and decorating. Our highly qualified team of professionals understands that construction is just one aspect of home renovation. By choosing Modular, you can get everything you need from one single company. This will ensure electricity, plumbing and heating is in place and the exterior of your home is looking beautiful. We will never leave our customers with a half finished project, as many contractors are known to do. Beyond giving you the home you always wanted, we aim to provide ultimate satisfaction and our work comes with a special warranty to make sure you are completely happy with your investment.
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